Meet Your Peers

This online mixer page is where you’ll learn from like-minded business owners who will share their experiences navigating the crossroads of business and life.

Lincoln County Vending

Meet Dan Holt

Meet Dan Holt, owner of Lincoln County Vending and several more businesses he runs with his family.

Dan Holt - Lincoln County Vending

Listen in as Dan Holt tells the story of his family businesses!

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Harps Food Stores

Meet Kim Eskew

Introducing Kim Eskew, President & CEO of Harps Food Stores.

Kim Eskew - Decision to go ESOP

Let's listen in as Kim, CEO of Harps, talks about the decision to go ESOP.

Kim Eskew - Rewards of ESOP

In this video, Kim will tell us about the rewards of going ESOP for all involved.

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DoMat's Family Foods

Introducing the Mattheisens

The Story of DoMat's

Listen in as we meet with Tim, Carol & Matt on a very special day in their family business.

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Freddie's Family Market

Meet Dan Albrecht

We are excited to introduce you to another family grocer, Dan Albrecht.

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Dan Albrecht of Freddie's Family Market

Meet Dan, the second generation owner of Freddie's Family Market. Listen in as Dan shares his experience of buying the family business from his father.

Following Up on Dan Albrecht's Story

Let's discuss a little more about Dan's story.


Meet the Greer Family

Since 1916, the multigenerational Greer family has worked together to help their Alabama-born business survive and expand into 28 stores located in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Meet the Greer’s and learn about their business achievements as a family and where they plan on going in the future.

The Greer's Story

From their humble Mobile, Alabama beginning in 1916 to today, Greer’s Markets has stood the test of time. Five generations later, the leaders of Greer’s Markets share their dreams for the future of Greer’s.

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Wallace & Owens

Featured Guest: Steve Wallace

Paul and Carey introduce former grocery store owner Steve Wallace, who shares common crossroads experiences that he and his family found themselves at and the two paths he ultimately followed: selling and retirement.

Steve Wallace of Wallace & Owens

From third generation grocery store owner to retirement, Steve Wallace shares how the crossroads of business and life led him to Carey Berger to discuss their company’s dreams, fears, concerns, and more, which ultimately led to the selling of the business and a happy retirement for Steve.

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