We all live at a crossroads between Business and Family - Select "Paths" Link Above For All Content

Which way you go will impact you, your family, your associates, and your community.

Prepare the business to be more than just you…

This web-based resource provides you the opportunity to meet others who have traversed this path. Some of your questions may seem scary or embarrassing – here you can find answer to questions you may not otherwise want to ask in public.

By listening to your peers tell their stories, you hear the paths they have chosen and beyond that you get a chance to see some of the paths they may not have even been aware of.

Check back often as the people telling their stories will change regularly and over time you will hear the questions you are facing and you can find ideas for solutions upon which you can act for the benefit of yourself and the many who depend upon you.

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A message from James Neumann

AWG's Senior Vice President of Development

James Neumann explains how AWG’s grocery industry experiences and the Crossroads program can help you make big decisions when business and personal life meet at the crossroads.

Paul Adams & Carey Berger

Paul Adams and Carey Berger are experts in succession planning and have been assisting store owners through this process for decades. Here, Paul and Carey introduce the Crossroads Project Videos and explain how you can navigate through the myriad of beneficial topics.

Crossroads Features and Updates

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